Woodestic Crokinole Rim Disc Tray


The ultimate solution for keeping your Crokinole discs at your fingertips during gameplay – the Woodestic Crokinole Rim Disc Tray (for tournament-sized boards with 8 mm thick rim). This easy-to-mount tray attaches to the rim of your Crokinole board, offering a secure and convenient storage space for your discs. With the Woodestic Crokinole Rim Disc Tray, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of your discs again or worry about not having enough space on the table!

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Do you get frustrated trying to find your Crokinole discs during a game or always losing them?

The Woodestic Crokinole Rim Disc Tray (for big game boards) can solve this problem. It’s like a helpful tool to make your Crokinole game more enjoyable.

This tray is a must for Crokinole fans who want to keep their game pieces organized. You won’t have to search for discs all over the place or waste time. This smart tray will make your game experience better.


  • accommodates 12 discs
  • fits on tournament-sized crokinole boards with max. 8 mm thick rim
  • easy access to the discs
  • color: walnut

No more worrying about discs falling off or not having enough space on the table. With this tray, your discs are always nearby, so you can keep playing without interruptions and won’t lose track of the discs.

The Woodestic Crokinole Rim Disc Tray is well-made and looks good. It matches your Crokinole board and is strong. It’s a practical addition that also looks nice.

To sum it up, the Woodestic Crokinole Rim Disc Tray is a handy way to keep your Crokinole discs organized, so you can enjoy the game without any problems. It makes playing Crokinole easier, and you won’t have to worry about where to put your discs. Give it a try and say goodbye to disc hassles!

Please note that discs are not included with the holder, but can be easily purchased separately to complete your Crokinole set.

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