About us

A Woodestic Csapata

Great that you found us!

We believe that experience is the absolute goal in life!
Everyone works to create opportunities for themselves and their loved ones to relax, rest, have fun and play. Our mission is to provide the best experience for our customers through premium board games. Plus, we love creating with wood. It is through the meeting of these two that we created Woodestic Crokinole boards in 2012.

Since 2012 we have been continuously improving the quality and beauty of our boards. We are not a factory and you will not get a mass-produced product from us. Exclusively handmade perfect and unique Crokinole boards and other handmade games. Feedback from thousands of satisfied customers keeps us energized and inspires us to outdo ourselves again and again.


The team

Péter Karcagi

Founder of Woodestic

Péter loves board games! But not like others… he likes to bring a game to life, to create something new.
“Even when I was a child, my two younger sisters and I would create dozens of board games during the summer holidays rather than playing just one”.

But the exciting part came many years later. As an adult, Peter realised that his fascination with board games was still strong. And by “chance” he stumbled upon a wooden board game called Crokinole. He was amazed at the genius of the game.
“I wish it had been my idea, but in any case, I’d like to show it to people who don’t know Crokinole!”.

Enikő Karcagi

Co-founder of Woodestic

As you may guessed Enikő is Péter’s wife. They have two children. She also loves to create handmade things, likes crocheting, sewing, painting, decorating…

“I didn’t doubt for a minute to support my husband’s idea. Crokinole is also close to my heart, as I saw from the first steps how a piece of wood turns into a beautiful board game.”

Tibor Sáska

Production and tool development

Tibor’s main tasks include the production of wooden games and the development of certain tools for efficiency. He loves to work and create with wood. His good insights and ideas in manufacturing tasks have proven to be extremely valuable in a short time.