We revive wood.

Hi there! We’re glad you found us!

We are willing to make the best Crokinole boards for you. We love friendly approch, so feel free to contact us.

We started to handcraft Crokinole boards in 2012. Ever since we are improving the game experience, the quality and the beauty of our boards. We are not a factory and your not going to get chinese import products from us. Only hungarian handmade fine Crokinole boards.

Our aim is to satify our customers, especially you!

Our team

Peter Karcagi

Founder of Woodestic Crokinole

Peter loves board games! But not the way like others… he loves to bring a game to life, to create something new.
“Even when I was a child, me and my two younger sisters rather created several dozens of board games during summer holiday instead of playing one.”

But the exciting part came many many years later. As a grown up, Peter realized that his affection for board games is still strong. And by “coincidence” he came across a wooden board game called Crokinole. He was impressed how brilliant this game was.
“I wish it was my idea, but anyway I want to show it to the people who are unfamiliar with Crokinole!”

Peter Karcagi

Co-founder of Woodestic Crokinole

As you may guessed Enikő is Peter’s wife. They have two children. She also loves to create handmade things, likes crocheting, sewing, painting, decorating…

“I didn’t doubt for a minute to support my husband’s idea. Crokinole is also close to my heart, as I saw from the first steps how a piece of wood turns into a beautiful board game.”