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The game

Crokinole is easy to learn, quick and most importantly fun!

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Want to try crokinole now?

Put yourself to the test in Crokinole 3D.

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Download Game Rules in PDF:



Always in a hurry?

If you only have 5-10 minutes you can still play couple of games of Crokinole! Unlike other board games, no long preparation is needed. Everyone gets the same amount of discs and the flicking begins. As soon as you run out of discs, scoring takes place and you are ready for the next round.



Crokinole is easy to learn and play.

Use your finger to flick your discs into the center hole or in a higher value field. Strike your opponents discs to knock them out of the game. And that’s it! Now master your aiming skills to be the best flicker in town or in the world!


Crokinole is not a usual board game.

Being a skill game you can eighter be talented from the first shot or you can develope your skills to become a champion. Also developes fine motor skills for children. It is enjoyable for beginners and challengig for expert flickers.


Team up!

Crokinole can be played with up to four players which is a real team play of pairs. Team mates sitting face to face across the board help each other to gain more points.

Hi, my name is Peter, your Crokinole guru.

I will help you around if you have any questions.